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As much as possible, we should make sure our kids are healthy enough to continue in their studies. Our physicals will help us determine their fitness and aid them in staying in good health.

Children will be engaged in various activities at school, along with the usual rigors of study and homework. As parents, it’s only right for you to look out for their health. Then count on us to guide them in making good decisions for their continued wellness!

To comply with school requirements or simply for routine check-ups, INSTAWELL CLINIC PLLC offers comprehensive school physicals. We assess your child’s height, weight, vital signs, vision, hearing, and other aspects of health. We then go over our findings to describe where your child is at in terms of wellness.

School physicals also allow you to check for any problems that may or may not be apparent in your child. We then discuss those and work out solutions for treatment.

With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your child is in good health.

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  • We bring quality testing, evaluation, and education services closer to you.
  • We offer our services at budget-friendly rates, making helpful services more accessible.
  • Our team of qualified physicians is always eager to answer your questions and provide recommendations to better manage your health.
  • Your peace of mind, convenience, and satisfaction are our utmost priority.

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