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Our medical staff not only works to detect and manage health problems but also to make quality medical care a dependable resource for the average Texan.

At INSTAWELL CLINIC PLLC, we believe that healthcare should not be just a stop-gap measure but a continuous commitment to achieving wellness. To that end, we offer a suite of services that bridge the gap between patients and care providers. Through screenings, evaluations, and a corporate wellness clinic in Richardson, Texas, we guide patients into making care decisions that impact their lives in the long term.

Preventive Care Protects Lives
We offer the following services to the communities we serve:

We also provide wellness and training programs in:

  • Enterprises and Corporations
  • Academic Institutions and K-12 Schools
  • Companies and Organizations
  • Medical & Dental Colleges
  • Public Health Facilities
  • Churches and Non-Profits
  • Retail Centers and Malls
  • Dental and Medical Offices
  • Senior Living

Empowering you and your loved ones to take steps to better wellness is the best way we can serve you. Learn more about our services by contacting us today.