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Services We Provide

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Medical Titers

Accurately checking your vaccine immunity levels

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Vaccinations and Immunizations

Receive effective protection from disease.

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Tuberculosis (TB)Testing

Mantoux (PPD) & Quantiferon Gold.

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Corporate Wellness

Employment/ Occupational Health Screenings.

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Employment &School Physicals

Keep track of your daily health and wellness.

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Employee Wellness Clinic in Richardson, Texas

In the face of ever-changing healthcare needs, the value of prevention has never been greater. But who can you turn to receive care when the current healthcare system is struggling to meet basic needs? The answer is community-centered care. Our clinic serves as your partner in preventive care at the community level, keeping you on track of your medical status and empowering you to take charge of your health. Get comprehensive consultations, testing, evaluations, and a corporate wellness clinic in Richardson, Texas, today!

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Our Customers

We bring wellness and training programs to your site.

Companies and Corporations

Academic Institutions & Schools

General Public

Medical and Dental Colleges

Public Health Facilities

Churches and Non-Profits

Retail Centers and Malls

Dental and Medical Offices

Senior Living